Adam Strange

Hi and Kia Ora from New Zealand. Thanks for visiting my website and checking out the work.

I’ve been making TVCs since 1995 when I got my start as a director by writing, producing and directing my own showreel of test commercials and short films. These reels led to being represented by Silverscreen Productions – Australasia’s leading film company at the time – where I shot for over 10 years. Before TVCs I studied and worked as a Graphic Designer slash Art Director.

I’ve worked in; Japan, India, China, Singapore, Australia, Pakistan, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, the Middle East, Spain, London, the USA and New Zealand – and made commercials for; Pepsi, Toyota, Samsung, Casio, Suzuki, Firestone, Tata, ST Dupont, Kahlua, Eneos, Celcom, Ufone, Starmart along with dozens of other brands.

My work has featured in Shots showcase 3 times, and I’ve been a finalist in Cannes (shortlisted for the Young Directors Award), London International Advertising Awards and have won a bunch of local awards (although the more ads I make, the more I learn about film making, the less awards I seem to enter).

My first theatrical project has just been wrapped, ‘Aphrodite’s Farm’ – a short film – is a faux, fairy tale, magical milk mystery set on a dairy farm in the 1930’s… it’s is a little honey.

Of late, I’ve been researching some cool new ideas and techniques. Over the next 12 months I really want to shoot more cars, bikes, sports, on amazing locations and with FX films.

When I get a spare 5 minutes; I’ll make a fruit smoothie, ride some big waves, point my ski’s down a mountain with Meg, haul my bike up a hill, carve a steep street on one of my handmade long-skateboards, drink some Pinot while scratching away at a film script, maybe read some Elmore Leonard (I still can’t believe he’s in his 80s and writing the coolest yarns and snappiest dialogue) then take an arty snap or two with one of my cameras or go hear some live music…

…If you like what you’ve seen then I’d love to shoot that script you’ve got sitting in front of you.


Adam Strange

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